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Saturday, February 15, 2014


Meanwhile in rush hour traffic
CLOSE ENCOUNTER—A year ago today, a hunk of space rock exploded over Russia catching Earthlings by surprise.  Fortunately, damage was not catastrophic.  Also as post dinosaurs we didn’t disappear off the face of the planet to become next eon’s fossil finds. 

It was a reminder, however that compared with the universe we’re small neutrinos.  Yet, we are the smartest of the smart, which thanks to some local and powerful science, points out we live in a vast neighborhood.

Our neighbors are pretty quiet.  They don’t say much, but they are there and every now and then they send a message that we shouldn’t ignore.

Instead of building another aircraft carrier or two, this country alone, should think about spending more money on building better outer space fences to protect us from those stones being tossed at us by “them.”

Let’s not be surprised, again.  We’ve been warned.  And, if we don’t heed the shot across our bow then indeed we are far from being the smartest kids in the ‘hood.

Here’s the best of the Russian dashboard videos from last year:

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