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Thursday, February 6, 2014


 “Poutine is a common Canadian dish, originally from Quebec, 
made with french fries, topped with a light brown 
gravy-like sauce and cheese curds...”

Since its founding (2011), in every issue of the monthly San Diego-based West Coaster (craft beer magazine and website) you’ll find a zesty column on good food and great craft beer.  The new February, 2014 edition is no different.   Good taste aficionado Brandon Hernandez in his “Plates & Pints” column has penned a mini opus on the hearty French fry or to be perfectly trendy: “poutine potatoes.”
Brandon Hernandez

February 2014 West Coaster
West Coaster gives its writers ample space to display their writing skills.  Hernandez does it all: writing, photography and recipe maven.  If you haven’t tried it, recipe writing is tough sledding (winter Olympics are on, sorry).  You have to convey ingredients and in as few words as possible preparation instructions.   Because West Coaster allows Hernandez lots of space, Brandon tosses in several recipes at no extra charge.

Two DIY recipes this month are for “Advanced Southern California-style Poutine,” and “Duck Fat Fries.”  For the complete story and other recipes go to the download version of West Coaster at and click the PDF.

Note: Poutine is extremely popular in Canada and as you read this Montreal (Feb. 1-7) is in the midst of its annual Poutine Week.

Source: Westcoaster Magazine. Thank you, Ryan Lamb, Executive Editor

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