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Monday, August 31, 2015


Ted Scheinman of Pacific Standard magazine et al
BODY OF WORK--Regular readers of Pillar to Post will often see literature posted from the public domain.  Plenty of fine (albeit dead) writers appear on this blog as part of our Sunday Review coverage.  Of course, kudos to the Project Guttenberg  and others for bringing many of these classics to the ‘net.  Our weekly Media Monday slot (like today) is where you’ll find discussion of contemporary writers/journalists and media org.s that have a pulse.

As a new reader to the works of Pacific Standard magazine and website, I found myself drawn to the essays of Ted Scheinman.  He reminds me of Larry Grobel, a pal, who wrote for me in my inflight magazine editors days.  Larry (as he called himself then) was a firebrand who would tackle any assignment with enthusiasm and met deadlines.  He was an editor’s dream.

Lawrence Grobel (nee Larry), who went on from inflight mags to become very successful and prolific after landing work with Playboy, has aced interview journalism.  So I mean it as a compliment when I compare young Ted Scheinman’s enterprise with a young Larry Grobel.

Ted Scheinman has done an excellent job of cataloging his writing.  He has all the big (paying) publications on his resume.  The address below is where you can check a medley of Ted’s latest non-fiction.  He’s one of America’s top essayists and most likely will change his name to Edward any day soon (grin).

You choose.

Bio from Ted’s webpage:
Ted Scheinman is a writer based in North Carolina, where in the soonish years he will complete a Ph.D. in 18th-century British literature.

His essays and reporting have appeared in Aeon Magazine, Cineaste, LA Weekly, Lapham’s Quarterly, the New York Times, the Oxford American Quarterly, Pacific Standard, the Paris Review, Playboy, Slate, the Toast, the Village Voice, the Los Angeles Review of Books, and Elsewhere™.

He serves as a contributing editor at the Los Angeles Review of Books and has joined Pacific Standard magazine as a full-time senior editor in June, 2015.

Ted’s first volume of nonfiction will appear in 2015 via FSG/Faber. It’s called Jane Austen Goes to Summer Camp: Dispatches from the Pride & Prejudice Bicentennial — a slim but friendly book. (File under: humor; nonfiction; waistcoats.)

In the academy, his research centers on classical reception in the 18th century and the development of proto-realist fiction out of high Augustan satire. (This stuff kills at cocktail parties.) Extracurricular interests include pirates, film history, hip-hop, Curtis Mayfield, and Dorothy Parker.

Previously, he served as an arts editor at the Washington City Paper.

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