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Friday, August 14, 2015


Good bye red cup, hello flavor. It’s a clever tagline from Mike Hess Brewing Company referring to the company’s new line of Open Mike cans. Designed so that the entire top of an aluminum can pulls completely off so that the receptacle can be used in place of a glass or cup, the cans are making their debut for the North Park-based brewing interest.

Brewery founder and proprietor Michael Hess says that only seven or eight breweries in the country are utilizing this type of can technology, and that his is the only one of them located in California. It’s unlikely they’ll remain loners in this regard for long, as the advantages of Open Mike cans are many.

First and foremost, there’s the obvious elimination of dirtying and cleaning a glass to enjoy a beer to its fullest. Any beer geek knows that, in order to enjoy a beer’s full bouquet, sufficient open space must be provided for it to make its way to one’s nasal passages. But this also keeps beer fans from having to settle for the insufficient insulation provided by disposable paper and plastic cups, while offering a receptacle that works for patio, pool and parkside imbibing.

And, the new concept allows craft beer drinkers to take a quality North Park brewed beer to those areas where bottles are banned.

Once again, if innovation in the craft beer happens—most likely it will occur in Greater North Park, the symbolic craft beer center of independent brewing in San Diego.

Source: West Coaster craft beer magazine’s website  Reposted with permission.

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