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Tuesday, July 31, 2018



GUEST BLOG / By Joe Biden, former U.S. Vice President—Late last month, we all saw something I never thought possible even in my wildest imagination: An American President standing on the world stage taking the word of a Russian leader over that of America's own intelligence community. Think about that. This President believed Vladimir Putin's preposterous denials and rejected the overwhelming evidence presented by America's intelligence leaders who have taken a sworn duty to protect our nation. In short, he took Putin's word over America's.

It was a performance that was shocking, shameful, and beneath the office of the President.

Folks, flattering dictators does not advance American interests. It makes us less safe.

Attacking the values that make our democracy strong — including strong institutions, the rule of law, a free press, and fair elections — does not help us lead abroad.

When our president had the chance to confront our number one adversary — who continues to attack our democracy and our allies — he instead chose to embrace him.

He blamed America rather than Russian aggression for the deterioration of our bilateral relations. Trashed his own Department of Justice. And put Vladimir Putin's word above that of our own intelligence community — whose very leaders he appointed.

If we ever needed a demonstration of why elections matter, we saw it last Monday in Helsinki. Our values, our leadership in the world, and our national security were all put at risk.

Readers of, we don't just have the opportunity — we have the urgent responsibility as citizens to make a dramatic change in this country's leadership this year.

Every day from now until November 6 and beyond, I'm doing everything that I can to support true American leadership up and down the ballot. And right now, I'm asking you to join me.

We have to make it clear that we believe in democracy over dictatorship, that we support our allies and not those who seek to weaken us, and that we will defend our freedom when it is attacked.

The very best way to do that right now? Participate in the democratic process in the most fundamental way. Educate yourself about the leaders running for office who represent our shared vision for the future.

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