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Saturday, July 21, 2018


SOLD OUT. Samuli Huuhtanen of RPS Brewing displays his newly created “Let’s Settle This Like Adults" product line of craft beer, T-shirts & coffee.
A young brewer in Finland has linked his craft beer and coffee roasting operations to dovetail with the US/Russia visit to Helsinki earlier this week.  Samuli Huuhtanen’s RPS Brewing created a 10,000 bottle lot of  “Let’s Settle This Like Adults,” a lager with a cartoonish label that boasts they are “Making Lager Great Again.”  So, far the first batch of beer has sold out.

Huuhtanen’s coffee division headed by Jesse Parkkali, Roastmaster, has used the same packaging label offering roasted Brazilian beans from Irmas Pereira farm with the roast boast of “Making Filter Coffee Great Again.”

At least, ”the roast of the coffee will be perfect,” said Rarkkali.

Alas, like the craft beer made by RPS, the lot of coffee has also sold out.

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