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Wednesday, September 26, 2018


UK based RMJM architects designed the recently completed the 87-story Lakhta Center, formerly known as the Gazprom Group Headquarters and Business Centre, on a previously undeveloped 17-hectare at Lakhta, St Petersburg.

Formerly headquartered in Moscow, the new 330,000 square meter complex for the giant natural gas conglomerate includes commercial office space as well as retail, leisure and residential developments.

The Lakhta Center Tower at 1,515 feet (462 meters) occupies a striking position on St Petersburg’s landscape, both for it’s striking ‘barbed’ design and sleek curved façade. Set 12 km from the city centre on the coast of the Gulf of Finland, the Headquarters’ distance from the historic city centre allows it to act as an architectural centrepiece to the Central Business District.

The Tower’s organic ‘spire’ shape symbolises the power of water, while the special glass façade allows the building to change colour depending on the position of the sun, giving the impression of a ‘living object’.

Presently, Lakhta tower is the largest high rise in Europe.

See Video. Click here.

Gazprom is a large Russian company founded in 1989, which carries on the business of extraction, production, transport, and sale of natural gas. The company is majority owned by the Government of Russia, though technically private. Its name is a portmanteau of the Russian words Gazovaya Promyshlennost (Russian: га́зовая промы́шленность - gas industry).

Gazprom was created in 1989 when the Soviet Ministry of Gas Industry was converted to a corporation, retaining all of its assets. Gazprom is involved in the Russian Government's diplomatic efforts, setting of gas prices, and access to pipelines.

A free public observation deck will be located on the uppermost floor of Lakhta Center, at a 360m elevation. People will be able to look down onto the city from the height of a bird's flight being in a comfortable room sipping coffee. High-speed lifts will deliver visitors there.

RMJM (Robert Matthew Johnson Marshall) is one of Britain’s largest international architecture and design firms. Founded in 1956 by architects Robert Matthew and Stirrat Johnson-Marshall, RMJM’s first offices were based in London and Edinburgh.

RMJM provides services in sustainable design, master planning, urban design, spatial planning, landscape design, arts consultancy, historic preservation, computer visualization and interior design to a range of clients for a variety of sectors, including mixed-use, education, energy, residential, government, and hospitality.  

RMJM has offices/studios in five continents

Melbourne is the site of a new pair of twisting towers.  Designed by UnStudio and Cox Architecture the green-themed project will be the tallest in Australia at (356 meters) 1,167 feet.  Image by Norm Li, below:


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