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Wednesday, December 26, 2018


Boeing Business Jet Interior Concept by Greenpoint Technologies
Boeing is making over its 777 into a pair of luxurious private jetliners.  Called the BBJ 777X for Boeing Business Jet, the new age travel concept boasts an impressive 12,000 nautical mile range and stunning VIP interior designs.

The BBJ 777X’s will fly farther than any business jet ever built meaning it can fly from anywhere on the planet to any other destination non-stop (such as London to Perth, Australia).

Boeing BBJ 777X features interior concepts from three leading design firms: Greenpoint Technologies, Jet Aviation, and Unique Aircraft Design.

The BBJ 777X comes in two versions with the first Boeing 777-9 is expected to be delivered in 2020, with the 777-8 following soon after.  Each selling for about $400 million.

The 777-8 offers the longest range at 13,400 miles, plus a spacious 3,256-square-foot cabin. The 777-9 has an even bigger cabin, at 3,689 square feet, and still offers the globe-hopping range of 12,660 miles. The jets are sold with unfinished interiors, which can add $100 million or more once all the cabin amenities are included.

Dining Room by Unique Aircraft Designs

Interior Design by Jet Aviation

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