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Friday, August 28, 2020


D.G. Wills Bookstore, La Jolla
San Diego Report.

National web info: Click Here.
Local: San Diego’s annual book crawl has been cancelled for 2020.  But San Diego bookstores will be open to celebrate Indy Book Day across the nation.

You gotta feel for independent bookstore owners.  After the online book industry took over the bulk of book sales they had to wait out a fickle public to return to “real” bookstores.  Slowly, the public came back.  They realized shopping for a book among the shelves was a tremendous part of the book experience. 

Then Covid-19 sucker punched indy book shops.  But, in San Diego, the bookstores rose from the floor to find new creative ways to stay alive.

Book stores are special. They’re survivors.  Let’s support them now more than ever.

There’s a warm feeling when you take a book home that you purchased at a book store like DG Wills in La Jolla, California.  Next door there’s a wonderful coffee house: Pannikan’s.  Where DG Will is cluttered, venerable Warwick’s is organized.  Both are in La Jolla and each satisfies the adventure in chasing down a best seller among the stacks.  Each impresses by attracting top authors for speaking engagements.
The Book Catapult, South Park/San Diego
Other book stores in San Diego with equally big hearts and love for community are: La Playa Books in Loma Portal; The Book Catapult in South Park and Hillcrest’s Bluestocking Books.

Here’s a list of just a few of San Diego Indy book scene:

D.G. Wills
7461 Girard Avenue
La Jolla (San Diego).

The Book Catapult
3010-B Juniper Street
South Park (San Diego).

7812 Girard Avenue
La Jolla (San Diego).

La Playa Books
1026 Rosecrans St.
Point Loma (San Diego).

Verbatim Books
3793 30th Street
North Park (San Diego)

Bluestocking Books
3817 Fifth Avenue
Hillcrest (San Diego)

Mysterious Galaxy
3555 Rosecrans Street
Loma Portal (San Diego).

Used book specialists:
Maxwell’s House of Books
Suite B
8285 La Mesa Blvd.
La Mesa CA

Warwick's in La Jolla has been selling books since 1896.  They've always been able to stay current. Still family owned, the store offers a remarkable roster of author talks, book stuff and gifts for everyone--even the mutt pictured.

Verbatim is a remarkable success story.  They’ve expanded and they’re run with library efficiency. Located in the heart of historic North Park, where coffee, craft beer and books rule.

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