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Friday, August 28, 2020


Owner Jérôme (no last name given) also supports their fellow brewers via rotating guest taps. If you’re not a beer fan, the brewpub also pours wine, cider and non-alcoholic beverages (including a house made combava limonade).
ZOUMAI Brewpub, Marseilles France
via Alexis Steinman, Click here.
[Images are Ante-pestilence. Zoumai remains open as of summer, 2020]

Inspired by owner Jérôme’s past life as a former stand-up bass player in a jazz band, Zoumaï hosts an eclectic line-up of live music – from country and Brazilian funk to Afro-American soul and swing dance parties. This sociability, and Covid-19 social distancing, has sparked a second, summer-only locale, the Beer Garden in Mazargues, that’s more spacious than the brewpub’s sidewalk patio.

We got our start in 2009, reporting from a borderless urban zone we like to think of as the “Culinary Backstreets” because we believed that there were countless stories of a city’s foodways that needed to be told. We wanted to focus on a more traditional side of urban culinary life – the workings of simple family-run restaurants, the masters passing their craft on to an apprentice, the banter of regulars gathered around an open table, the rhythm of a life committed to meatballs and nothing else. We were enthralled by all of the tiny epics we encountered while eating our way through the city and set out to share as many of them as we could. From the start, we vowed to go slow and collect these stories one-by-one, giving equal measure to the culinary side as the human element of the story. This way, we expected a deeper understanding of the city and its daily life to emerge with every bite. For us, it’s never just about the best meatball in town; it’s always about all of the meatballs.

We tell the stories of our subjects – unsung heroes who are sometimes forgotten or taken for granted at home – through weekly restaurant reviews published on CB, culinary walking tours, books, web design and smartphone applications. When we see the need, CB also acts as a fundraiser for causes connected to protecting and promoting traditional culinary culture.

Snacks include planches (boards) of charcuterie, veggies or dips.

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