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Wednesday, February 2, 2022


Upon seeing on the calendar today is February 2, 2022, the mind’s eye recalls a silly fragment from some Mel Brooks directed comedy in which actor Gene Wilder approaches a dwelling with the address 22 Twain Street. 

Today is another 2-2 day and the electric literature blog Literary Hub has compiled a Baedeker of all things 2-2-22 involving the day and month of the original publishing date for James Joyce’s ground breaking novel “Ulysses.” [1918 was the original year of publication]. 

Literary Hub goes overboard on Joyce and Ulysses. Utterly fascinating or at least parts of the effort but overall: It’s all most too two much (regrets). 

Like Joyce in this particular instance Lit Hub drones on but don’t miss one epic inclusion and that being a collection of opinions from noted names about the worthiness of Ulysses—yea or nay. Click here. 

But, judge for yourself all things 2-2-22 on this Joycean Groundhog Day. Click Here.  

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