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Tuesday, December 13, 2011


TIMELESS CALENDARS—Who would of thought the old fashioned printed photo calendar would have survived all the advances in our digital age? Calendars remain cool. They don’t bug anyone and they stand by us day-by-day. For the past three years, I’ve been using a free Jackson Design & Remodeling company calendar as a day-timer. It works fine.

But, I’m still a rebel and yearn for the day Santa brings me a 2012 Pirelli Calendar. Never had one of own. Always had to share one with photographers and art directors I’ve worked with over the years. First issued in 1964, the Pirelli calendars have become legendary…leaving Sports Illustrated and Playboy calendars on the shelves.

Each year, the venerable Italian tire maker hires a world-class photographer to shoot 12 great looking women to create a single work of calendar art. Problem is Pirelli doesn’t sell the calendars. You have to know someone, who knows someone to get on the distribution list. Yes, one could e-bay one, or buy a set of Pirelli tires, but that’s not the point. Having your very own Pirelli arrive in the mail free is a fantasy akin to sleeping in on Saturday morning.

Back to the real world: Calendars have always been good neighbors. They’re tireless fundraisers for every cause. For example, I suggest the following:

--North Park Historical Society 2012 Calendar, $14.99, full color and measures 11” x 17” when hung on a wall. or call 1-877-809-1659 and use the following reference number when ordering by phone: 83545562.

--The Ephraim Faience Pottery Collector’s Calendar, $4.95, full color and measures 18” x “12” fully opened. or call: 1-888-704-POTS.

--From Family Crafts, free, Create your own calendar on downloadable template and use your images. Kids love this.

Images: Model Kate Moss in Pirelli’s 2012 Calendar courtesy of Pirelli marketing Copyright c 2012 Pirelli & Co., S.p.A.
North Park 2012 History Calendar courtesy North Park Historical Society.

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