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Friday, May 17, 2013


One of the many courtyards in Bayeux, France.  See below for more images.
EXPLORING RUE SAINT-JEAN--The commuter train arrived at Bayeux, France early enough in the afternoon for us to check into the Churchill Hotel and to enjoy the remains of a warm spring day.

The small Normandy village near the English Channel for the next two days would be our base to explore the World War II allied invasion landing sites at Omaha and Utah beaches.

Croissants, OJ and coffee at Café Éclair on Rue Cher in Paris earlier in the morning wasn’t enough to hold us over to dinner unless we walked at a shoppers leisurely pace along Bayeux’s narrow Rue Saint-Jean.

Ancient Bayeux is tiny but with so many shops, bridges, sidestreets and courtyards, to explore, we were kept busy until sunset.

Then it got cold.
April in France was chilly.

Back at the hotel, Churchill’s owner was also its concierge and he recommended three local restaurants.  The first two were very Americanized with pizza the main staple. 

Courtyard leading to La Rapiere Restaurant
But then he said the magic name: La Rapiere Restaurant, which was across the small street from the hotel.  Finding it was another matter.
Like so many establishments in Europe, the 35 seat restaurant was located on an unmarked courtyard.

The meal was the best we had in France.

Bayeux has not seen the last of us.

Courtyard Curiosity got the better of us at 1 Rue du General de Dais
The passage way led to a courtyard that is also a short cut by locals taking you to the next street over.
The cat's name was Maurice Moustache

La Rapiere Restaurant:

Courtyard Photography: Phyllis Shess, April 9, 2013

Scene opposite the blue door from previous image

Following the path to the next street
Dessert at La Rapiere (the sword)

Small table in the corner

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