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Saturday, May 11, 2013


Tesla S electric car has the speed and the good looks but miles between battery charges don't add up for $80K.

TESLA IMPRESSES--An old NASA joke in the 70s was that the space agency had come up with cheap electric rocket.  One million bucks for the rocket and $100 million for the extension cord.

It wasn’t funny back then either, but, the point being electric vehicles can be built but they’re still not practical.

But, there’s hope.

Consumer Reports that the California-based Tesla S electric car is the best car they’ve tested to date...PERIOD.  That’s saying something for an electric car that was built from the ground up as an electric vehicle.  And, while CR is optimistic, it also points out many of the drawbacks. 

CR says the Tesla S tested is quiet, handles superbly, brakes on a dime, gets 200 miles between charges on a bigger battery and can go Zero to 60 mph in 5.6 seconds, which is muscle car speed. 

The mind boggles at the energy savings that could occur if the weight of American industry got behind solving some of the issues facing electric cars, such as expensive batteries, low mileage between recharges, cost of recharging equipment and overall unit cost ($80-90K for basic electric car from Tesla).

What is also very, very cool is the Tesla S has style.  It is a very good looking machine.

The link below is where you can find Consumer Reports Tesla S test performance:

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