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Saturday, May 18, 2013


North Park's rocking Festival of the Arts features live music and a terrific Craft Beer Block
DON’T MISS—From craft beer festing to flower/garden appreciation, historic North Park and its neighbors South Park and Burlingame are set to take advantage of sunny Saturday in May by hosting two popular public events.  

Craft Beer Block at Festival of Arts.
Today's crowd at the Craft Beer Block
To get everyone in the mood for today's Craft Beer Block at the North Park Festival of the Arts (30th & University) check out the short video featuring our hipster hood.  Nice job on the video by Lincoln Avenue's My Social Marketing Network (  The link is!

As for the Craft Beer Block, there will be beer samples from 25 leading breweries picked from among San Diego’s molten hot craft beer community.

Saturday May 18
11 am to 5:15 pm (Craft Beer Block hours).

Beer Block ticket allows you 12 four ounce samples and a commemorative glass. Tickets are $25 in advance or $30 the day of. You must be 21 years old or older to participate in the Craft Beer Block.  Tix available at the door.

Cannolo Siciliano at the new Piacere Mio
Photo: Kasey Goodsell, San Diego Home/Garden
FOODIES ON FERN--South Park Abbey is holding its 4th ever Brew ‘n’ Que (1947 Fern St.) TODAY from Noon to closing offering $3.75 brews and smoked beer can chicken with Belching Beaver BBQ sauce.  The Saturday event is a mixer with Belching Beaver Brewery.   Earlier this month, The Belching Beaver opened a new tasting room at 4223 30th, just south of El Cajon Blvd.

Across the street from the South Park Abbey a new Italian cuisine restaurant opened up two weeks ago.  Called Piacere Mio (pleasure is mine), the comfortable place is at 1947 Fern St. at Grape.  Already, this blog has devoured the panini’s and several unarmed cannolo Siciliano to go with Major Domo Marco’s mastery of Italian coffee drinks.  Owners, Stefano Poletti, Marco Fontana open their café at 7 am and close early evening.

Two recent write ups on Piacere Mio:

More to do Saturday:
Exploring the Gardens of North Park, Burlingame and South Park.
Saturday May 18
10 am to 4 pm
Today's view of a backyard garden along 28th Street in North Park
Photo: San Diego Home/Garden Lifestyles magazine
Tickets can be put on PayPal online or purchased at the following nurseries:
Water Conservation Garden (Cuyamaca College), Mission Hills Nursery, Weidners, Green Gardens, Kniffing and Walter Andersen.

$25 tour day.

Tour day will call booth will be set up along the 3200 block of 28th Street, between Redwood and Upas Streets.

San Diego Floral Assn.

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