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Friday, May 24, 2013


North Park's Water Tower will look terrific with some hot new lights just like the current San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge's night light show now through March, 2015.  See below.

Editor’s note--During the early years of North Park News, the writer of this blog published a column called Top of the Tank.  It was a metaphor for being on top of the news in North Park.  A decade ago, the new owners of the paper discontinued the column, so here it is again on a semi-regular basis.  

Lighten Up.
Night Lights: Grand-Place in Brussels
Now that the North Park Tower has obtained its historical designation (thanks to local historians in North Park and University Heights), it’s time for the green hulk to add some pizazz.  Seeing it lit up at night would be a start.  Recently in Brussels, Belgium, I saw some dank buildings take on a whole new excitement with night lighting.  And, in San Francisco the Oakland/Bay Bridge twinkles.   Our tower deserves some flash.  See how Brussels has added lights to its centuries old Grand-Place.  Also, more recently there’s the Bay Bridge in San Francisco that will be lighted until March 2015.

Retail Success Story.
Over the weekend, Pigment, the creative gift store, has expanded two doors south to the large corner space at 30th and North Park Way.  Many a time, Pigment has saved me when in need of a gift that didn’t come off as procrastination.  Pigment takes over the front of Pacific Drapery’s storefront.  Drapery is still in business in the back and reachable on North Park Way.

Officers Save Baby.
Here’s an eyebrow raising bit of news gleaned from San Diego Police Dept.’s weekly crime report from Beat 810 (midcity, including North Park):
“...On May 10, 2013, at about 3:40 p.m., a woman reported that her baby had drowned in the bathtub at 4100 42nd Street.   Responding officers rushed to the scene and found the 10 month infant in the tub and unresponsive.  Officers Carrington and Bigler performed CPR and were able to regain a pulse.  The baby was transported to Rady Children’s Hospital where she was in critical condition.  The 22 year old mother of the baby was arrested on multiple charges.  UPDATE:  The infant is making a miraculous recovery. She is breathing on her own, sitting up and engaging the medical staff!”

Thanks to the dedicated efforts of the officers, this little girl has her whole life ahead of her.  Bravo, Officers.  Thanks to Sheryl Hauser for point out the SDPD report.

Next Look at North Parker.
The Business Journal has published a rendering of architect Jonathan’s Segal’s in the works condo/commercial project at Upas and 30th.  If your SDBJ isn’t handy check the following local news blog for an update on the new North Parker project.

Beer Garden Memo.
Stopped by the West Coaster Magazine booth at last Saturday’s North Park Festival of the Arts Beer Garden and learned Vista’s Belching Beaver Brewery is mulling adding brewing capabilities to its recently opened tasting room on 30th near El Cajon Blvd.  That only means more fresh beer for North Park.

Speaking of Beer.
With all this talk about San Diego having more craft beer breweries than the sky has stars, there’s no way you can enter into beer snob conversation at Toronado (30th & Lincoln) or any beer emporium if you don’t know how beer is made.  If you’re clueless at least you admit it.  And remember you’re probably not alone.  But, in the privacy of your own cave use the link below to find a beer making video by Bear Republic Brewery in Northern California that covers all the beer making basics.

Hipster Burgers.
Checking the net and noticed a nice feature on Hubcap by Thrillist’s Sara Norris

Panini as Art.
The DaVinci Panini at the new Piacere Mio (at Fern and Grape) is the real deal.  The new eatery’s Yelp compliments are off the charts.

Bike Taxi’s for North Park?
When is some adventurous entrepreneur going to figure out a bicycle taxi operation between University and Upas and University and El Cajon will make them money, especially on Thurs., Fri., Sat., nights and Sun. afternoons?  I’d take a bike taxi from the Bluefoot to Toronado or Hubcap to Belching Beaver in a nano.  Labor pool? There’s a high school in North Park that has 700 students that could peddle for minimum wage plus tips.  Figure out the liability insurance with any broker then go find your bikes.  OK, this may not be the greatest career idea, but the current 20-something generation has to embrace self-starting entrepreneurism because the traditional job market is filled.

Lunch Crunch.
I forgot that The Station is closed on Mondays for lunch.  My lunch date arrived and he had already found a parking spot.  Fortunately, across the street, the new Eclipse chocolate shop, offers an eclectic range of mid-day dining options.  And, they were open for lunch on a Monday.  Made the same mistake on Tuesday, when I went over to Carnitas Snack Shack for lunch only to learn the shack is closed Tuesdays.  Planning ahead is the obvious solution.

Another example of a historic structure being lit up.
Grand-Place in Brussels, Belgium
 CREDITS: Top of the Tank photo courtesy of Jim Brady, Architectural Photography, San Diego.

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