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Thursday, March 6, 2014


While searching the pathways leading to the discovery of the meaning of life, this blog chanced upon the U.S. patent awarded to Hedy Kiesler Markey aka Hedy Lamarr
COPING WITH RANDOMNESS—By Thomas Shess, Editor, Pillar to Post blog (

Management of this blog is often asked why do you “do” a daily blog?  That part of the question is verbalized, but what goes unsaid are two more parts to the same query: why do you produce a blog with no rhyme or reason as to what is published and why do you carry on when you don’t make no effort to monetize the effort?

My answer is gauged by how deeply furrowed the brow of the asker appears.

Simply, the name of the blog is also a personal philosophy. I believe life is not predestined but rather we cope with the daily surprises tossed in our path. Of course, life involves planning and responsibilities. The house payment is due today. Is that a surprise? For most of us it is a planned for obligation.

I’m speaking about the unseen things and occurrences that happen daily.  I take joy in the sunrise because I know I have a full day ahead of me to enjoy the journey—rain or shine.  I can be Henry Thoreau.  I can quickly go outside after a big storm and be involved with a baby hummingbird whose nest was broken by the wind.  I rebuilt the nest and lately each morning with coffee I see “Ernest Hummingbird” being fed by its mother.

Pollyanna?  Perhaps.

My take on life is not to agonize over questions that can’t be answered.  Where did life come from?  Who knows?  Is there an after life?  Who knows?  Is there a God?  Many of us have an answer: God.  And much of humankind has edited it down to one god after worshiping dozens of Greek, Mayan, Roman deities in days of yore.  I find no fun in arguing with those who want to prove to me 40,000 angels are to be found on the head of a pin.  Why?  Because God says so.

God is a convenient truth.   [continued below]

Page one of Hedy Lamarr's patent
My belief is to wander life’s freeways and sidestreets and enjoy the journey.  Go where life takes you. I’m not denying God’s place at the table.  Lots to talk about, especially if she arrived for dinner unannounced.

“Martha, he just wrote God has bad manners.”

Moving on.

Early in my career I enjoyed being a reporter for a large California newspaper in San Francisco.  Each day there were different stories to research and write. Many times I was tossed a topic I had absolutely no knowledge of but I learned to cope by research.

Noah coping with the results of a
random decision
Later in life, I found working crossword puzzles, a hobby that fits nicely into my “coping with randomness” belief system, to be rewarding.  Where else but in a crossword puzzle can you be led to hopscotch mentally from film actress Hedy Lamarr’s radio waves patent in the 1940s to what mountain top Noah moored the ark?

Hedy’s radio waves research made me think of how is it possible for my wireless iPhone to work.  I spent half an hour on how cellphones work.

Noah has to be admired for coping 40 days and nights with the odors inside the ark.  After learning that the ark landed in Turkey, my mind wandered to my dream someday of taking the modern day version of the Orient Express from Istanbul to Paris.

Like I said enjoy the journey and be ready to cope with the randomness of life.  If coping means planning sobeit.  The more time you plan, the easier life becomes...until...

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