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Saturday, March 8, 2014


BALANCED DIET—(Duh alert:) San Diego does not have the most widely respected daily newspaper because the owners insist on shaping the news to satisfy a conservative Republican agenda.  If you agree with the San Diego UT then life is cool. If you own the press you can do that.  But not everyone agrees or votes according to doug’s daily dose.  So where do San Diegans get alternative views on the news? Blogs of course. Here are half-dozen worth reading (random order):
Works hard for its readership.
Recent fav: For its unending diligence.
Eyes left. Refreshing passion for our city.
--Recent fav: SDFP’s take on the Balboa Park Centennial committee ceasing operations and why Ernie McCray likes Bill Walton.

Balanced. First source for breaking news.
--Recent fav: coverage of Balboa Park centennial committee.

Snarky. Mixes news/columns with solid entertainment coverage. 

--Recent fav: Edwin Decker’s essay:
SD Metro’s Daily Business Report
--Recent fav: Designer David Robinson is working to remodel Anthony’s Star of Sea restaurant.

In-depth reporting with partnerships with KPBS and SDSU.
--Recent fav: Mello Roos analysis.  Dishwater dull topic to some but frankly it is old-styled journalism which should never be dismissed.

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