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Monday, June 9, 2014


World Cup mania about to descend on the 'hood
BWIN THE LINES. North Park upcoming (read: soon) invasion of avid/rabid soccer fans is going to be unavoidable—so join in the World Cup ruckus (mid-June to mid-July) as NP pub owners ranging from Bluefoot to Bar Pink are leading the cheers.  Watch for a sea of team flags and costumed revelers in impromptu parades between Waypoint Restaurant, True North and Caffe Calabria as the international competition gets heated.  Honk if you love soccer.
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HELLO/GOOD-BYE. Edwin Lohr is the newly elected president of the North Park Community Assn. and one of his initial duties was to wish outgoing president Nikki 
Edwin Lohr
Nikki Berdy
Berdy thanks for her service and to wish her a fond farewell.  Berdy, a New York native is moving back east to be closer to her family.  Berdy did a lot to energize a sometimes sleepy organization.  The revamping of the NPCA website under her regime has been a welcome addition as it is now a more detailed beacon for community events.
            “She represented the people of North Park with dignity and respect. She will be sorely missed, but we know that wherever she goes that community will be gaining a huge asset. We wish her the best,” said Lohr.
            Also, Sean Karafin was elected vice president of NPCA.
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GOING BY THE BOOK. Architect Jonathan Segal told reporter UT-San Diego Roger Showley recently that he built his newly completed North Parker Project at 30th & Upas according to city zoning regulations already on the books.  If he wanted to go beyond 
North Parker architect Jonathan Segal
the existing 27 units, he said, he would have had to bring the $9 million project to the NP Community Planning Committee.  That was something Segal didn’t want to do because it would have added a year to the project.  As it was he was able to complete the project in 14 months (acquisition to completion).  A telling quote in the UT article by Segal as to the reputation held by many architects and builders of volunteer planning groups is as follows: “I find community people tend to 
be interested in venting some anger and I’m not interested in being a recipient of that.”
            Architects not quoted in the article have told Pillar to Post that Segal is keen on what he can and can’t do and finds success being a turnkey operator in that he is the landlord, architect, developer and builder.   His success is notable.  North Parker was 100% leased after the first month of its opening.
            It was great to see Segal dining recently at Cardamon’s with his team.

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FOODIE NEWS: So much foodie news is on smacking lips media l that I forgot (sorry) where I read about Chris’ Ono Grinds CafĂ© & Grill. Full disclosure, I haven’t dined there yet, but my taste buds are set for the Wednesday night Keiki special menu (attached).
  ’s Candice Woo just noted there will be a Wow Wow Waffle restaurant operation going into the rear of the coin-operated laundry at 3519 30th St.  Opening set for da 4th of July. 
            Prolific and talented Amy Granite writing in West Coaster Magazine’s June issue (, profiles what’s new with Arsalun Tafazoli,
the local restaurant and craft beer wonderkind behind places like  Provisions/Soda & Swine at 30th and Adams and the new Underbelly II at 30th and Upas.
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