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Saturday, January 23, 2016



Hit the road, Joe
Woncha come back for mo’, for mo’, for mo’
Hit the road, Joe

Erik Gordon owns Carabiner Coffee Co., a one man van operation that sells coffee and coffee beans out of his 1971 VW bus. For the past two years he’s been driving around the West (mainly the mountains in and around Utah and Colorado). He’s one mellow dude and loves what he does.

Erik sells his coffee from his van on the side of the road.  Basically, he pulls over to pour over.  His business goes wherever he goes and whenever he stops.
But, all that travel can get old even for a 20 something with an infectious joie de vivre.  Recently, he’s been dreaming of opening up a more permanent location.

To do so he started working with Kickstarter, the Internet funding phenomenon and so far so good.  At last look at his website revealed he’s made his goal.

But for now, Erik and the van he calls Ol’ Blue are out roaming the west looking to sell coffee to skiers, snowboarders, campers, hikers and other free spirit adventurers.

Carabiner Coffee is small-batch roasted in beautiful Boulder, CO. “Our coffee is always responsibly sourced and shipped fresh to you,” says Eric.

To date he has three signature roasts that he sells from the van or online:

--The Skooch - a richly balanced medium roast - tasting notes: toasted almond & rum
--The Business - a soulful, full-bodied dark roast - tasting notes: cocoa & blueberry
--The Dream - a bright and flavorful light roast - honeycomb & blackberry

We’ve ordered “The Business” and can’t wait to try it.

Central casting couldn’t come up with a better dude than Erik.  He’s refreshingly genuine.  What’s not to like?  He’s a modern day vagabond who loves coffee, writing poetry on Instagram and plucking on his guitar.  Frankly a lot of us would love to be him.

And his business name?  A carabiner is a climbing tool that works as a “connector” to hold a freely running rope.  The perfect description of coffee in our lives!

To help his cause in finding a site for his coffee house location, he’s produced a classic marketing video that’s easily found on Google or YouTube. It’s Rocky Mountain high at its best.

For more:

Instagram @carabinercoffee

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