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Saturday, April 23, 2016


Coffee bar (far left) at Hotel Jagua in Cienfuegos, Cuba where blogger tasted his first Cubano doppio.
Like most voyages by commercial airlines the hassles are front and backloaded.  The in middle the 25-minute flight from Miami to Cienfuegos, Cuba was smooth and as good as April in the tropics can be.   And, the bureaucratic two-step arriving was easier than expected, but by the time our tour pulled into the Hotel Jagua, I was in serious need of an espresso.

So much so, I headed for the hotel coffee bar before settling into our room.

I ordered a double/doppio.

Pulling a Doppio

I watched the barista place two teaspoons of sugar before pulling the espresso into my cup.

Welcome to Cuban espresso con sucre.

The barista pointed out the secret to making a delicious espresso Cubano was to put the sugar in first then have the espresso pour over.


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