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Thursday, April 28, 2016


In keeping true to the mission of this blog to present eclectic news topics that range from pillar to post today we feature items from Hong Kong to Kendall Jenner’s tastebuds for pizza:

GOOGLE, THE RESTAURANT--Well, for those who remain cool on Google’s driverless car maybe you can love the tech giant’s latest venture into dining.   Google has opened a pop-up restaurant in New York City called Small World at 10 Kenmare Street (between Bowery and Elizabeth).  Different chefs, different days, different cuisine. The concept (part of Google’s awareness push for Google Translate app.  Yes, it is fun but needs a bit of explanation—too much—for his humble space so check it out at

Eve, where do you want to dine, tonight?”
“Adam, just Google something in London, but make sure you can dine there naked.”
BUNS & BREASTS—Leave it to those cheeky Brits to open a feel-free-to-come-naked restaurant in London.  Not since Adam and Eve ate au naturel has skinny dipping dining been more talked aboutOwner Seb Lyall is all about human freedom and sitting and dining nude is one of those liberties.  There will be naked and clothed areas at the restaurant so only fellow starkers in your cubicle will see you.  Here’s the drill.     Arrive clothed.  Go to the changing room and don a guest robe and go to your cubicle for dinner and vice versa.  Will the concept fly?  So far, Lyall claims he has 16,000 advance reservations. Critics, however, have been undressing the idea as being unsanitary and a magnet for pervs.  Name is still pending. 

“And the winner for best restaurant exterior façade is...(interruption)...sorry, wrong award.  Winner of the world’s best restaurant is Alinea in Chicago. (Clue: Gray)
WE’RE #1--For the 5th year in a row, Elite Traveler magazine has named Chicago’s Alinea Restaurant the world’s best.  Owner and executive chef Grant Achatz attributes Alinea’s success to constant menu innovation and a curiosity by diners as to taste what’s new.  If you’re looking for a big sign for the restaurant at 1723 N Halsted St, Chicago, IL 60614 you won’t see one.

Uber model Kendall Jenner as pizza delivery girl at recent fashion promo in Manhattan.  No, Joe’s didn’t make her list as all time fave pizza joynt.
GLAM PIZZAS--One of America’s top fashion model au current is Kendall Jenner.  When not on the runway, Ms. Jenner worships pizza.  Her bi-coastal faves can be found at Jones Pizza, 7205 Santa Monica Blvd., in West Hollywood and the Manhattan’s Artichoke Basille’s Pizza, 328 East 14th St.  She also likes Prime Pizza in LA and the Fairfax neighborhood it’s located.

Dim sum from Tim Ho Wan in Hong Kong, Singapore, Manila and now Manhattan.
BUDGET MICHELIN—Aside from making and selling tires, Michelin is noted for its prestigious restaurant “star” rating system worldwide.  Because prices for a meal at most Michelin picks go through the roof, Chef and owner Mak Kwai Pui has been making news by bringing his Hong Kong based Tim Ho Wan restaurant to New York City.  Pui has been busy expanding his Michelin starred dim sum eateries to Thailand, Australia and the wilds of Manhattan.  Billed as the world’s least expensive Michelin rated (one star) restaurant in the world, there will be lines. Yes, there will.

Text: Holden DeMayo, food writer

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