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Tuesday, April 19, 2016


"The Night Manager" debuts tonight on AMC.  Tom Hiddleston (left) and Hugh Laurie vie on screen
in this new adaptation of spy master John Le Carre's 1993 novel.
When you first glanced at reviews of AMC’s new mini-series “The Night Manager,” you swore to view this adaptation of spy author John Le Carre’s novel of the same name.   Ha! You didn’t mark it down and that’s why this blog has developed “ProcrastiNATION.  It will be an occasional mini-series of our own to remind you not to miss the good stuff while you’re busy forgetting.

“The Night Manager” is already a success in the UK.  It debuts in the U.S. on April 19. That’s tonight.  It stars Tom Hiddleston as the young hotel manager, who is recruited to spy for the good guys. That is if you can find a good guy in a Le Carre novel.

The big budget ($30 mil) allows the film crew to visit Egypt, Switzerland and Mallorca (standing in for the Carribbean) and capture the ambitious and somewhat cheeky plot.

Actor Elizabeth Debicki

Asides:  The film was produced by Ink Factory, an entity run by Le Carre’s sons: Simon and Stephen Cornwell.  That’s Le Carre’s real family name.  Director for the series is Susanne Bier, who directed the Danish flick “In a Better World,” which grabbed an Oscar.  Feminine lead is Elizabeth Debicki.

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