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Saturday, April 16, 2016


Brand new Liberty Public Market in the Liberty Station venue
In the decade or so since the historic (1923) U.S, Navy Training Center barracks in San Diego was retrofitted into Liberty Station, a massive commercial and residential node just north of San Diego International Airport, the complex has been a mecca for cafes, especially those serving espresso.   Kudos to the McMillian Companies credit they developed Liberty Station by keeping the original Spanish Revival architecture.

The latest complex within a complex is the Liberty Public Market, which is currently enjoying its grand opening month.  The new venue showcases
a rustic environment with prepared foods, beer, wine, specialty cocktails, fresh produce, fish counter, meat market, olive oil tasting and retail shop; desserts and pastries, pastas, arts and crafts, a test kitchen, pop up dinners, and educational driven events.  And, of course, coffee and pastries places.  It is reminiscent of a small version of the popular central marketplaces in Europe, especially in Valencia, Madrid and Barcelona, Spain.

Coffee centric inside the new Liberty Public Market
--West Bean Coffee Roasters
--Le Parfait Pastries
--The Mess Hall (only table service restaurant in the complex).

With in Liberty Station and near the new Liberty Public Market is Chi Chocolate that serves excellent coffee drinks
Coffee centric in and around Liberty Station complex:
--Con Pane Rustic Breads & Cafe
--Banyan Kitchen
--Chi Chocolate
--Panera Bread

By no means is the list above complete.  There are dozens other restaurant operations in Liberty Station serving food and coffee.  You’ll just have to explore!

Liberty Station directory:


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