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Saturday, October 15, 2016


Sidewalk seating for North Park's Caffe Calabria, one of the City's top coffee houses and restaurants.  View towards 30th and University, which is the hub of today's "Taste of North Park" food and craft beer fest.
Today is the 8th annual “Taste of North Park”.  It’s this historic neighborhood’s annual party celebrating food, craft brews and local hipness.  This blog previewed the event (go to on October 7, 2016) for a roster of brew events.

Even though, North Park is easily San Diego’s leading craft beer destination it is also the proud home to an outstanding collection of coffee houses.

Here’s a list within walking distance of the Taste of North Park epicenter, which is 30th and University.  The list below is no means the entire coffee experience in and around North Park, but for the purposes of today’s event—here goes:

Caffe Calabria, 3933 30th Street.  Sophisticated, pioneer coffee house would do well in any U.S. or Euro coffee capital.  Classy place with all the menu amenities in coffee and food.

Holsem, 2911 University Avenue (@30th).  Stylish, modern design, packed and delicious.  Conveniently located between 2 yoga studios for cool looking crowd.

Subterreanean Coffee Boutique, 3764 30th Street.  Handsome young couple has made a this a go to place for coffee, tea, pastries, sandwich board items.

Street Car Merchants, 30th & Lincoln. Gourmet donuts (huge sizes), coffee selections and restaurant menu and a great people watching corner with indoor outdoor seating.

Dark Horse, 3794 30th Street.  Adjacent to Waypoint Restaurant the tiny size here makes it a to-go coffee house.  The shop has only three tables and the clueless laptoppers plunk down and take up its tables.  My complaint not Dark Horse’s.

Young Hictory, 4096 30th Street.  No frills, popular with more computers than Best Buy crowd but at least it’s a large place.

Starbucks, 29th & University.  Great crew works hard in a historic theatre landmark building.  Always have a fond place in my heart for this Starbucks because its arrival gave a tenant base for the rehabbing of a beautiful building that had been run down and was in danger of being torn down. Now look at it shine

UPDATE: As we were about to post this a new coffee house has opened in North Park within walking distance of Taste of North Park! Below:

Cafe Torque, 30th & Dwight Streets. Woman owned. World coffee consciousness woman owned coffee house located in a beautifully restored Arts & Crafts era Craftsman bungalow!

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