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Saturday, October 5, 2019


On this side, we have Modern Times Coffee's Invigatorium and opposite is J & Tony's cured meats & Negroni Warehouse (bar).

Sometimes a coffee house just can’t be a financial success on its own.  Same goes with an eclectic butcher shop.  But, what seems to be working in San Diego is pairing the two businesses under one roof.  This concept also works for existing businesses space sharing first time projects.

An example of the later is the recent pairing of Modern Times Coffee called the Invigatorium and J&Tony’s Discount Cured Meats (food) and Negroni Warehouse (booze).  These two indies share a fresh new space at 631 Ninth Ave., downtown San Diego

The Eater’s Candice Woo writes [6-26-19] about such a fiscal marriage in her article  “Modern Times Coffee and CH Projects Partner Up in the East Village.”  Click here.

The all under one roof brainstorm is not new when it comes to creating marketplace space sharing.  Business incubators fall into this category.  But just maybe this could be a fiscally wise example of a marriage before going solo.

Another recent example of combo thinking is happening now in Little Italy.  The space that houses the James Coffee shop and Roaster also has a variety of boutique businesses all under the same roof at 2355 India Street in Little Italy.

The mini marketplace is well designed.  It’s located on India Street that enjoys plenty of local and tourist generated foot traffic.  Sharing James Coffee’s accessories shop, coffee products and retail coffee bar are a barbershop, a hair salon, home accessories shop, card shop and an optometry boutique.

The Modern Times Coffee mentioned in this post is an example of concept merging.  Modern Times operates a successful brewery operation in the San Diego area and they have made a niche in coffee sales by aging the coffee in old booze barrels.

Now that opening a brewery and a coffee house isn’t the most original idea on the planet—maybe wannabe entrepreneurs might consider marketplace flexibility and space share.

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