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Saturday, October 12, 2019


* You say Geisha we say Gesha.

Jason Mraz made a name for himself by singing in San Diego coffee houses.  That experience led him to bigger and better gigs.  Today he’s a well established pop singer. 

But he’s now banking on his coffee house days by becoming a coffee bean farmer in North County San Diego.  His farm is on 18-acres in Oceanside, CA, about an hour’s drive north of San Diego.

And, Mraz isn’t nurturing run of the mill coffee beans.  Instead, he has just harvested his first crop of what many consider the world’s most expensive beans.

Recently, the singer, with a little help of his friends, debuted his Gesha* beans at a popular coffee house in San Diego.

Mraz, who is friends with La Jollan Jeff Taylor, who owns a string of  Bird Rock Coffee Roasters locations recently put on an apron and began serving his Gesha beans.  Reportedly, the La Jolla Bird Rock outlet is the only outlet selling the musical fruit.

The pour over experience cost curious San Diegan’s $35 a cup for Mraz’s fledgling crop.

To get Mraz’s crop to market, he had help from Central California’s
Frinj Coffee for his initial San Diego County plantings.

If you think Mraz * Family * Farm’s initial public offering was steep it is relatively inexpensive compared with Gesha tastings back East, where 80z are commanding $75 to $95 a cup.

Just how did Gesha beans get to be so pricy?

Here’s a few articles that explain Gesha’s American debut.

2016: Jason’s Urban Farming Adventures [video] Click here.

2017: “Jason Mraz is Growing Coffee Now.”  Click here.

2019: What are Gesha coffee beans and what’s all the hype about. Click here.

Here’s a Jason Mraz Grammy Award winning tune.  Click here.

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