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Thursday, October 3, 2019


Your table is ready & it comes complete with top chef recipes, utensils and a 100 million acre view or two.

ichard Morgan writing for NPR discovered the latest wild idea in dining.  It’s literally in the outback of Sweden.  An interesting government-supported program has a few of the nation’s Michelin chefs on board to create recipes that use ingredients that can be foraged from the rustic areas around a dozen picnic tables scattered across the countryside.  Diners can book a table, show up and hunt and gather for your DIY foodie experience. Arrangements in advance can be made to have a chef prepare your meals.  Click here for the NPR article.

EAT SWEDENCalled Edible Country, a Swedish gov’t. backed concept literally has consumers eating their way across the country.  Hunt and gatherers can choose from a dozen sites in Sweden.  Photo: Swedish Travel.

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