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Monday, June 21, 2021


Saved this week for the third time since 2010.

GUEST BLOG / By Nina Totenberg, NPR’s Morning Edition
. Excellent recap gives the news and the reason behind the Supreme Court decision in on pithy and easy to understand article. Outstanding. CLICK HERE. 

For an equally remarkable collection about Nina Totenberg read the bio fashioned by Wikipedia on this remarkable journalist. CLICK HERE 

Following an introduction by President Bill Clinton, who appointed Ginsburg to the Supreme Court in 1993, esteemed NPR journalist Nina Totenberg sat opposite Ginsburg [in 2019] posing questions, all carefully worded to produce the choicest of Ginsburg anecdotes. Between the two women: years of mutual admiration, a vase of flowers and a pair of coffee mugs emblazoned with bold capital letters so that together, they spelled out “DIS-SENT” ⁠— a nod to the justice’s famed penchant for impassioned disagreements with the court’s majority opinions. Photo: Brian Chilson.

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