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Thursday, November 18, 2021



A recent conversation with a neighborhood pal about the best burger in our historic North Park quickly dissolved into a fifth grade nah, nah, nanna to do. 

I pointed out North Park just doesn’t have a great burger joint. 

My friend said, “then you haven’t tried the Dirty Flat Top Burger at the Friendly Tavern over on University.” 

"Where’s that place? “

"It used to be a take-out stand called Carnitas.,” he said, “now it’s one of the best burgers in San Diego.” 


The Friendly Tavern (on University Ave) Dirty Flat Top Burger.
One won't be enough.

“That place? The green take-out shack with the sliding metal gate? You’re kidding? Décor by bankruptcy court, at best.” 

“Don’t be a snob. It’s rustic on the outside, but walk in and you’ll see a very comfortable patio with a bar, TV lounge,” he said. “Very OB chic.” 

“I’m not a snob.” 

“Have you been there?” 


“Then don’t judge the book by its cover.” 

“It’s a bad cover I’ll say that.” 

“Then you are a snob.” 

“Am not.” 

"Are, too."

 Ended up trying the toasted bun Dirty Flat Top Burger ($6 with cheese aioli sauce and fried onions) and a side of onion rings ($5). My friend ordered a Tecate beer ($4) to go with my Diet-Coke.  Fries were excellent. The best fries this side of Wendy's on El Cajon Blvd.

Burgers being on the smaller size, we both ordered two dirty’s each (it was lunch time). “So, what do you think?” I was asked. “Salty, but delicious,” I offered. “You’re a snob.” “Am not.” The Friendly Tavern 2632 University Avenue North Park. Open 7 days 11 am until 9 pm. 10 pm Sat. & Sun. 

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