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Monday, May 21, 2012


OH, THE HUMANITY--Grown women drive their SUVs on the sidewalk. Horns blare loudly. Vans, plumber’s trucks and sedans are left abandoned double parked with their engines still on.

Driver side doors left askew as normally law-abiding citizens run wildly away from some unspeakable looming disaster while dragging their children behind them.

Mayhem soars as the dreaded hour approaches. Men, while clutching their children to their bosoms, run wildly into the street in full flight wildly ignoring on coming traffic. U-turning cars battle with jaywalkers for any clear space with no regard to personal safety.

Fallen books and lunch pails on the road have been left flapping and spinning in the breeze. No child dares to retrieve them in front of screeching, burning brakes.

Law enforcement dares not approach such hopelessness out of sheer terror.

One can only wince. What demon-inspired horrors are they recoiling from?

Is the apocalypse finally upon us?

Actually no, this is just an everyday description of parents dropping their children off in front of North Park’s Thomas Jefferson Elementary School five minutes before the final morning bell rings.

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