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Monday, October 27, 2014


Apt road sign outside the Oklahoma State Penitentiary, McAlester, Oklahoma
GUEST BLOG—By the Oklahoma Department of Public Safety.  The following summary regarding the execution of prisoner Clayton D. Lockett that took place on April 29, 2014.

Re: Case Number 14-0189SI

To view the report link to the following:

The following is not in the above State of Oklahoma summary:

Lockett’s Criminal History:
In 1999, Lockett kidnapped, beat, and shot 19-year-old Stephanie Neiman and ordered an accomplice to bury her while she was still breathing. She died from two wounds from a shotgun fired by Lockett. In 2000, he was convicted of murder, rape, forcible sodomy, kidnapping, assault and battery and sentenced to death. Previously Lockett was sentenced to four years in prison for a conviction in 1996 in Grady County for conspiracy to commit a felony.
At his 1999 murder trial both DNA from the dead victim, fingerprints from the duct tape used to bind the victim, and eye witness testimony led to his murder conviction.
Stephanie Neiman, a high school graduate and friend of Lockett's other victims, was a witness to his crimes. The men beat her and used duct tape to bind her hands and cover her mouth. Even after being kidnapped and driven to a dusty country road, Neiman didn't back down when Lockett asked if she planned to contact police. After she stated she would go to the police, Lockett decided to bury her alive.


After Lockett’s death station KFOR in Oklahoma City released the taped confession of Clayton Lockett for the first time to the public:  Go to the following link to see KFOR reporting.

Sources: State of Oklahoma Department of Public Safety; Wikipedia; TV 4 KFOR, Oklahoma City.

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