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Sunday, October 5, 2014


SAN DIEGO AUTHOR--Roger Conlee, a veteran newsman turned novelist, is a throw back to an era when mystery writers were able to find publishers and in return the public had good stories to read.

Roger’s first Jake Weaver mystery/historical novel has been published and better yet it is having its debut later this week.

It's official! "Dare the Devil" will launch on Thursday, Oct. 9, at 5 p.m. at Bay Books, 1029 Orange Ave., in Coronado. This historical thriller deals with the postwar L.A. underworld and the never-solved murder of gangster Bugsy Siegel.

Let’s show up and salute Roger and toast “Dare the Devil.”

Snippet: Investigative reporter Jake Weaver dares the devil by writing hard-hitting news stories exposing the crimes of postwar Los Angeles gangsters Bugsy Siegel and Jack Dragna. This not only puts himself in great jeopardy but also his wife and daughter. To further complicate Weaver's life, a beautiful British spy emerges from his past hoping to re-ignite an old flame while she searches for a vicious, fugitive Nazi war criminal.

Other works by Roger Conlee:

Fog and Darkness [2012]
Roger’s historical novel takes readers through the final year of World War II by depicting the dramatic events in the lives of two Americans, one a journalist and one a young Marine Corps officer. Time and again in great danger, these two men experience the war in highly contrasting ways, but their lives intersect at crucial points and they come together to forge a close bond of friendship. Although a work of fiction, the novel describes this epic conflict's major events with historical accuracy, while also providing a fresh examination of America's wartime strategies, the good and the bad.

The Hindenburg Letter  [2008]
A tension-packed historical thriller set in Nazi Germany. Full of surprises and with a rich sense of time and place.

Souls on the Wind [2010]
In the Alps of Germany and Austria, legend has it that the souls of the dead ride the strange, unseasonal wind known as the Fohn. In Souls on the Wind, readers ride that mysterious zephyr from Vienna to California and, just possibly, into one of the bloodiest battles of the American Civil War. All because of a stolen crown jewel that may have supernatural qualities. Souls on the Wind is psychic-thriller, love story, ghost story, and science fiction all rolled up in one.

Counterclockwise [2006]
A genre-busting book-within-a-book that combines alternative history, science fiction and thriller, featuring a cop, a spy, a glamorous movie star and a dogged newspaper reporter. Could a man from 1988 do something to alter a devastating event that occurred forty-six years before?

Every Shape, Every Shadow [2004]
It is 1942 and the Japanese have overrun Southeast Asia and most of the Pacific islands. They have to be stopped somewhere or Australia could fall. That somewhere is a place called Guadalcanal. Every Shape, Every Shadow is Roger L. Conlee's fictionalized account of one of the epic battles in American history. Guadalcanal was where the Japanese were finally stopped and the Americans could start on the road to Tokyo and victory. The story is told mostly through the eyes of a frightened, lonely young Marine.

All are available:

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