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Monday, May 23, 2016


WHERE DID THE TIME GO?—Viet Nam era veterans meet after half a century. Left to right: Dennis Puleo, 69; reunion organizer Tom Hanks, 69 (not that Tom Hanks); Bob Falk, 71 (striped shirt) and crouching: Bob DeVenezia, 70.   New photo: Jacob Carpenter.
Editor's Note: Slim pickings this past week to find and blog positive thoughts on this Media Monday, but thanks to four U.S. Marines we weren’t shut out.  And, kudos to Jacob Carpenter of the Naples Daily News for penning such a terrific story on friendship.
In May 1966 fresh out of boot camp four U.S. Marines posed with a surfboard on a California beach not far from Camp Pendleton near Oceanside, CA.   Fifty years later, the same four, who survived the Viet Nam war posed once more but this time along Cinnamon Beach in Northeast Florida, near St. Augustine.  They had lost track with each other over the years but the reunion made it seem like only yesterday.

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