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Tuesday, May 31, 2016


* Because yesterday was a national holiday,'s Media Monday appears this week only on Tuesday.

Calle Nueve street corner in Barrio Amon, San Jose, Costa Rica 
The Tico Times is an English language daily online newspaper published since 1956 in San Jose, Costa Rica.  This Costa Rican owned and run news source fills an important communications niche for English speakers in this Spanish speaking country of 4.5 million persons. That compares with populations of cities like LA’s 4 million; St. Petersburg, Russia and Alexandria, Egypt. (and 20 million less than Shanghai, China).

To this blog, if Miami or San Diego were a country it would look, feel and drink coffee and beer very much like Costa Rica.

Its regional craft beer and coffee coverage in Costa Rica drew our attention to Tico Times, but the quality of its mainstream coverage and excellent writing keeps us coming back to get a fresher (and frankly more honest view) of world events. 

Links to two Tico Times posts:

Here’s what they say about themselves.
The Tico Times is a daily English-language online newspaper based in San José, Costa Rica. Founded in 1956 by Elisabeth Dyer and a group of Lincoln School students, we offer a unique perspective on the news in Costa Rica, Central America and the world. For half a century The Tico Times established itself as the leading source of English-language news in the region, first as a weekly print newspaper, and later as a Web-only publication.

In January 2014, we launched our new-and-improved website and logo, aimed at delivering today’s up-to-the-minute news in an innovative and stylish format geared toward the 21st century. Check us out on your mobile device and tablet, as well as on our social media sites Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The Tico Times, owned by Producciones Magnolia, is free to access, and our business is supported by advertising. While we are open to publishing sponsored content and paid advertising, we will never publish paid stories without clearly identifying them as such, including with a different design and presentation from standard news items.

Our aim is to continue The Tico Times’ legacy of quality reporting, investigative journalism, environmental coverage and quality photography, while adding more multimedia content and technological tools. We believe in providing substance with style.

Our staff is small and composed of a diverse balance of Costa Rican and foreign, English-speaking employees. We always have been, and remain, a Costa Rican company.

Contact Us
The Tico Times is located in San José’s historic Barrio Amón, 300 meters north of the kiosk in Parque Morazán, and 25 meters west, on Ave. 11, between calles 5 and 7.

Our phone number is +(506) 2258-1558.

To contact editors, or to send us a news tip, please email:
Jill Replogle, News managing editor

Costa Rica Stats.
--Population. According to the United Nations, in 2009 Costa Rica has an estimated population of 4,579,000 people. Together, whites and mestizos make up a 94% of the population, 3% are black people, 1% Amerindians, 1% Asians, and 1% other.  U.S. population stats show the American colony in Costa Rica ranges between 7,500 to 12,000 persons.

--Costa Rica is relatively small 19,700 square miles (51,100 sq. km), ranking it 129th in worldwide landmass. Costa Rica's size is commonly compared to the state of West Virgina (24,231 sq. mi., 62,758 sq. km) and the European state of Denmark (16,629 sq. mi., 43,069 sq. km).

Non-Tico Times feature:

Boston Globe: Shhh, 12,000 U.S. citizens now call Costa Rica home.  Here’s an article as to why:

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