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Thursday, May 12, 2016


National Geographic Channel's Smart Cities Series named San Diego its only "Smart" pick in the U.S. Here host Andrew Evans interviews chef Su-Mei Yu (Saffron Restaurant) on the region's culture of cuisine.
National Geographic Channel recently featured San Diego as the only U.S. city in its acclaimed documentary series "World's Smart Cities."

Let’s read that, again: “...the only U.S. city in its acclaimed documentary series “World Smart Cities.”
OK, so our sports teams suck, but locals knew all along that California’s most southern cul de sac was smarter than others.  Now, the prestigious National Geographic Society validates the claim from hot air to fact.

Nat. Geo. in its documentary claims San Diego was chosen for its strong technology sector, local innovators, green practices, smart public planning and an unparalleled quality of life. Other selection factors included San Diego's size of population, demographics/cultural diversity, livability, architecture, economy and business climate, educational institutions, leadership and strong sense of community.

See the video:

National Geographic Channel's "World's Smart Cities: San Diego" documentary is an unprecedented exploration of the 8th largest U.S. city where technology, talent and innovation create a new urban environment - one that will emerge as a leading city in the 21st century.

"Both business and leisure travelers have known about San Diego's appealing weather and friendly beach lifestyle for years," said Joe Terzi, President and CEO of the San Diego Tourism Authority. "However, 'World's Smart Cities' will show viewers worldwide that San Diego has more than a sunny outlook. The city's talent, innovation and creativity highlighted in this documentary prove that San Diego's business environment and local culture are among the world's best."

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