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Saturday, March 28, 2020


Editor’s note: The following blog appeared in San Diego’s West Coast Beverage News recently.  For more coffee, craft beer and other fine beverages Click here.

GUEST BLOG / By Ryan Lamb, Editor, West Coaster Beverage News.

The following are local roasters currently fulfilling online shipping orders. If you’d like to be added to this list, please e-mail

Achilles: Free local delivery. Free online shipping over $40. Subscription plans available.

Barefoot: 30% off beans ordered online through March.

Better Buzz: 20% off coffee, vanilla powder, and subscription packages through March.

Bird Rock: Free shipping for orders over $30. There’s also two options where 100% of proceeds go to the company’s baristas: The Barista Blend, and Flower Fields Coffee (grown in Carlsbad).

Brew Coffee Spot: Fulfilling online orders.

Burly and the Bean: Fulfilling email/phone orders.

Cafe Moto: Fulfilling online orders.

Cafe Virtuoso: Free shipping for all coffee w/ code CVFREESHIPPING.

Caffe Calabria: Free shipping on orders over $30.

Coffee & Tea Collective: Fulfilling online orders.

Common Good: Free shipping w/ code ALLINTHISTOGETHER

Compa: Fulfilling online orders.

Copa Vida: Fulfilling online orders.

Dark Horse: Limited edition shirt + coffee blend with 100% of proceeds going to the company’s baristas. Pre-order now available. You can also donate to a virtual tip jar.

House of Black: Coffee & food delivery options online, as well as bagged coffee options for shipping.

Ironsmith: Free local delivery options available, plus standard online shipping.

James: Coffee subscription options available.

Jaunt: Free shipping over $50 from the Miralani Makers District member.

Lofty: Delivery info coming soon; online shipping options available.

Manzanita: Free shipping ends 3/31; code Freeshippingforall (case sensitive)

Mostra: Free shipping for orders over $35 with code FREESHIP

OB Beans: 15% off orders with code STAYHEALTHY.

Origen: Fulfilling online orders.

Pannikin: Fulfilling online orders.

Revolution: Fulfilling online orders.

Ryan Bros: Fulfilling online orders.

Seven Seas: Free shipping for online orders.

Simple Beans: Fulfilling online orders.

Steady State: Fulfilling online orders.

The Steeping Giant: Offering office delivery.

The WestBean: 10% off all roasts (w/ code STOCKUP) and free shipping for orders over $35.

Trident: Fulfilling online orders of coffee (cans and beans) and MCT oil.

Ultreya: Offering delivery via Instagram DM/phone orders.

Young Hickory: Looking into selling coffee beans online.

Zumbar: Fulfilling online orders for coffee & tea.

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