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Thursday, March 5, 2020


Cafe Paloma photographed earlier during a nice Seattle late afternoon
Indian summer in Seattle was slowly giving way to early winter on the night we walked from our hotel to Café Paloma.  It was chillier than we thought so it was nice to find such a cozy, warm restaurant in the older section of downtown.

The small dinner house serves Mediterranean cuisine and it reminded us of the neighborhood restaurants in Istanbul.  The waitress, an Istanbul native, was happy to chat about her hometown. 

Diner enjoys the "stage" table
Any restaurant that offers side dishes of olives and bread for starters gets our seal of approval.  We lucked out the food was well worth the chilly walk.

When not used for entertaining, a table is set on the small stage.  This is where we sat.  We could see what our fellow diners had ordered with out being obtrusive.

While in Seattle you can visit Istanbul.  The weather was about the same.

Café Paloma
93 Yesler Way (not far from the Ferry terminals). image

Cafe Paloma's red lentil soup with salad and bread                         image
The stage table

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