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Saturday, August 21, 2021


La Clochette du Coin is a French café/coffee house in San Diego’s Pacific Beach. Add ocean aromas and breezes to a menu of tartines and salads as well as country-style pastries and bread crafted daily. 
La Clochette Du Coin which translates to “the bell on the corner,” was founded in 2015 by siblings from Madagascar, Willy Wu Jye Hwa and Karine Beers. 

The cafe's name refers to a bell that entices you to get your day started. 

Willy and Karine envisioned a café serving French cuisine with a modern twist. A French café that isn’t just a quick morning stop but instead is the reason why you got out of bed. We pride ourselves on providing great quality coffee and freshly prepared dishes with exceptional customer service. 

La Clochette Du Coin is meant to be a meeting place for people to take a moment and enjoy life’s simple pleasures and share life experiences. With a new Pacific Beach location, La Clochette Du Coin has expanded its products by offering in-house artisanal bread and pastries. Hommage Bakehouse, a project by La Clochette Du Coin, specializes in laminated pastry, enriched doughs, and naturally-leavened loaves of bread that represent a French-American fusion of traditions. 

The meaning behind Hommage Bakehouse is to pay homage to the bakeries of our childhood and give tribute to the most traditional European dishes while staying true to our dedication to innovation and creativity. 

100% organic certified Coffee is provided by San Diego’s Café Virtuoso in Barrio Logan. 

La Clochette Du 

4680 Cass Street/Pacific Beach San Diego.

Chillin' on Cass Street on a weekday morning in front of La Clochette du Coin

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