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Thursday, August 12, 2021


 Flavor wall at San Carlos Blvd. Love Boat Ice Cream parlor. 
Found this place a few years ago when we traveled to play in Roy Hobbs senior baseball’s annual World Series in Ft. Myers Fla. Loveboat Ice Cream is located between Jet Blue Stadium, where our team played, and our home away from home condo along Punta Rassa. 

The family-run emporium has so many delicious flavors we predict they will have a larger menu board installed before our next visit. There’s no way to pick a favorite. The only gauge is how much good stuff can you put away in one sitting.

The new Love Boat location, now three years old, has a great collection of pennants from around the world, and of course, there’s Tommy’s Corner, where legendary servicemen and women hold court. 

Plenty of parking. 

We went mid-afternoon to avoid the crowds around dinner time and still had to wait in line. But, enlightened management has a large staff to keep the ice cream flowing. 

Apologize for not highlighting a fav flavor but you’ll understand you can’t once you see the menu board. And, yes, they make old-fashioned three-flavor ice cream sundaes with too much whipped cream and a cherry on each scoop. 

And, this is the small sundae 

The only downside was leaving the shop to discover that an alligator had eaten our rental car. 

Sorry, brain freeze set in, and couldn’t remember flavors. 

This tourist package arrived from San Diego to play in the Roy Hobbs amateur World Series.  I guess they won.    

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