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Thursday, September 23, 2021



Exploring the village was a treat before and after the wedding. 
A few years back we attended a wedding of an adventurous neighbor who set her wedding in Sayulita, Mexico, a coastal village 25 miles north of Puerto Vallarta. 

 Getting to Sayulita from San Diego was a breeze landing in PV, where someone in the wedding party picked us up and delivered us to a very modern condo on the beach. Because of the mild climate and no bugs our flat had no windows. 

I remember having coffee by one of those non-windows and watching beach riders and their horses explore the tropical paradise. 

Sayulita (Sigh-U-lita) on horseback.

Because we didn’t take many photos or notes, we were delighted to run across a travel blog by a young couple named Fix: Scott and Cecilia. They produced a photo essay on Sayulita, which captures the food, fauna, and fun of this Mexican village. CLICK HERE 

TACOS IN TOWN. Calle Gaviotas Sur Street cart – Located next to Hostal del Centro on the corner of Calle Gaviotas Sur and Calle Jose Mariscal is a street cart selling grilled chicken tacos. For only a few pesos, you can pick up a giant plate, then walk over to the swings at Hostal del Centro’s bar to enjoy your lunch along with a fresh margarita. Thanks for the tip, Cecilia.

Mexico Tourism Video CLICK HERE.

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