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Thursday, March 24, 2022


Polite Provisions in San Diego’s historic North Park neighborhood 

Yesterday was National Cocktail Day. Hmm. A holiday worthy of my former self. Ah, misguided youth. Since then and long ago the proverbial universe put forth an edict: thou shalt not drink booze. For 36 years I obeyed and continue to toe the line. 

 Congratulations to those of you who are blessed with at least a modicum of self-control and the ability to imbibe in moderation.  Here is a salute to a few establishments (15) in my hometown of San Diego. I toast you with my glass of cranberry juice, neat. 

Cheers (research from Yelp!)  Let’s toast to National Cocktail Day for the rest of the week! So, raise your highball glass. Or your rocks. Or your mug. No matter the glass shape, the drink inside should be delicious. Bars all around you are celebrating, and we’ve added some local favorites to this collection. Don't forget to check the business pages for their latest health & safety measures, such as contactless payment, mask requirements and changes in operational hours. 

CLICK HERE for list. 

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