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Wednesday, January 2, 2013


SEERING REVELATIONS—One of the benefits of making long-range predictions for a living is simply there are few upfront costs.  No licenses.  No Editors to please. No inventories to purchase, except a bottle of Windex to clean crystal ball.

Our guest seer, NostraThomas (exclusive to this blog) only predicts the future in decasyllabic quatrain, a skill he learned writing fortune cookie fortunes in the mid 60s.

CALLING ALL SEERS/No experienced needed.

Mayan calendar was a bust
Now, what Disciple do we trust
To be our seer this year and next?
If you know please send us a text

SPORTS/Who will win Super Bowl?

Exiting the coliseum
The elder sibling stays the course
Enters destiny’s museum
Riding atop an orange horse

LEGISLATION/ 2nd Amendment will be amended.

Arise, O teeming multitudes
Forsake the sons of guns
Polls support all new attitudes
We must amend what needs undone

FIRST U.S. WOMAN PRESIDENT will be elected in 2020.

Senate victor assumes the throne
This new star is widely known
Lost her toga but wins the slate
Wunderkind from the bluegrass state

TERRORISM DEFEATED in a world war against Al Qaeda

The tribes of terror will be called
Modern era Neanderthals
When angry nations rise to foil
Rogue economies selling oil

WHO KILLED JFK?  Internet petition forces FBI’s hand

Fifty years Of Government Lies
Refuse to yield why Camelot died
Until a “will” leads us to know
Who hired [the] Patsy in the window.

THE TEA PARTY.  Remains a Micro-Minority

Brand new Libertarian woes,
As every smart voter now knows,
Was the tea party’s undressing
Revealed the Emperor’s old clothes

COMET ENDS THE WORLD will occur in the 23rd Century.

The Fates take aim from the dark.
Sleepy Zeus, our defender laughs
Until his arrows miss their mark:
Total Destruction for his gaffe

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