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Friday, January 25, 2013


EXPLOSION OF CHOICES—Our part of town is in the midst of a huge expansion of NEW foodie/coffee/liquid establishments. The thought of putting together a bucket list of places I haven’t been seems odd.  But, as a life long editor my professional credo has been what I don’t know is news. 

I know, I know for many of you professional hipsters I’m a day late and a dollar short, but who cares?  All this news and notes chatter is good news for North Park.  So many new places to go.  See you there—By @HoldenDeMayo.

Coffee Houses
Dark Horse Coffee Roasters, 3260 Adams Ave., 7 am til 4 pm.  In the heart of Abnormal Heights.

Subterreanean Coffee, 3764 30th.  Calls itself a coffee boutique, but on Yelp it says it has tea and sandwiches.  Dying to try “Dirty Chai” on their menu.  Another Yelper says of this intimate café house: “simplicity really is the ultimate sophistication.”  OK, book me a seat.

Swoon, 3139 University Ave.   28th St. neighbor Lynn Susholtz of Art Produce just announced she will share her gallery space with soon to be Swoon Dessert Bar, a venture with chef Ian Smith and others.  She’s doing a good job of marketing because I’ve read this item on every foodie blog.  Opens Feb. 9.

Eclipse Chocolat (see rumors below).

San Diego Soup Shoppe, 2850 El Cajon, Blvd. at Utah.  Used to be Bit O’ Sweden restaurant back in the day.  Day dining only. They boast dine in or carry out Tues thru Sat. 11 am to 6 pm and Sun. 11 am 4 pm.  I am also ready for one of their Panini sandwiches.  I will compare with Café Madeleine’s (Juniper & 30th) panini’s and report back.

Heat Bar and Kitchen, 3797 Park Blvd., on the North Park side of Diversity Heights.  Noted chef Chris Walsh opened this place in December at what used to be the Urban Grind.  Folks seem to like the innovative menu and the sophisticated décor.  Let’s see how the parking challenge for that part of the hood is like.

Late Scratch off this List.

Old-Fashioned Diner
Lil B’s Restaurant/Urban Eatery, 2611 El Cajon Blvd., a mid-century décor diner, with excellent portions of comfort food.  Perfect for those chilly days in San Diego. Just dined there and had the pot roast. Used to be Johnny’s. I’m going back.  Décor is 50s and fun.  From the folks that owned Brian’s American Eatery on Washington & Cleveland. 

Side dishes:
Entrepreneur alert! Coco’s at El Cajon and Oregon is shut down.  Is a great terrific pub location with plenty of off-street parking.

Rumor city: Somebody squelch this rumor:  Heard from decent realty source that the landlords of the now empty/former Glenns Market location at Utah and University will not entertain the ground floor (big) site for a restaurant.  Hope this isn’t true because that corner is crying for a bright, busy, brew-pub or all-night diner.

Rumor #2: Eclipse Chocolat is rumored to be heading to a new South Park location.  Yep.  Website says Feb. 2 opening at 2145 Fern Street.  That’s a block south of the Station Tavern, a great burger and beer place (wonderful restaurant design by Lloyd Russell).  So Eclipse can be the dessert stop for that thriving area around 30th

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