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Thursday, January 31, 2013


#1 END OF STORY--West Coaster Magazine’s facebook (1-31-13) sent over the following item from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer’s beer reporter Steve Body, aka The Pour Fool.  The Pour Fool calls them like he sees ‘em and San Diego gets his vote as America’s top beer town—period. This veteran outtatown beer “beat” reporter actually researched and penned a highly credible list of America’s “real” top beer towns and why.  The Pour Fool makes this blog’s beer writer Holden DeMayo come off as a stay-at-home.

Here’s what that Fool said about San Diego:


“..Number One: San Diego, California

Steve Body, the Pour Fool
with the Seattle Post-
With superstars like AleSmith, Green Flash, Coronado, Port, Lost Abbey, Alpine, Stone, Societe, Ballast Point, Iron Fist, Mike Hess Brewing, the remarkable and venerable Karl Strauss Brewing, and the emerging Automatic BrewingCo., and Rip Current, it’s inarguable that SDCA has more sheer brilliance per square mile than any other American city. Hosting Stone, Port/Lost Abbey, Alpine, and AleSmith alone would have made the SD area Top Dawg but both the numbers and quality seal the deal.  According to the state of CA, the metro area surrounding SD currently has 39 pending brewery licenses. Obviously, quality breeds quality and the future for this SoCal vacation paradise is so bright they have to brew wearing shades. San Diego is simply the best brewing city in America…”

Read the rest of the best on The Pour Fool’s Top Ten List at the following link:

Beer note:  For a PDF preview of West Coaster Magazine’s February issue click:
Trivia question from yesterday:  What other building on 30th Street did Russell Forester design?
Answer: The Union Bank building at 30th & University.

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