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Saturday, January 19, 2013


Swoon Dessert Bar at University and 31st to opened February 9, 2013
SWEET!--This blog is all about tasty news, especially if it is happening in North Park.  We just heard from Lynn Susholtz, a long-time resident of North Park’s 28th Street that she has brought in a new tenant to her Art Produce Gallery storefront, 3139 University Avenue.   More about Lynn later in this blog.

Swoon Dessert Bar, a new dessert-centric culinary experience opened Feb.9 and share space in Lynn’s building.  Swoon’s expo kitchen will allow customers to watch as their artistic desserts are created in front of them.  Led by entrepreneur/chef Ian Smith, Swoon will focus on local seasonal ingredients crafted freshly with modern culinary techniques.

Swoon will be pairing original confections with artisan coffee and tea to create new dessert experience.  Chef Smith’s partner in the venture is David Lamm, a veteran entrepreneur who has worked with numerous start-up ventures throughout his career ranging from restaurant guides to non-profit art galleries. He has an MBA from SDSU focused in entrepreneurship and a lifelong passion for food.

Ian Smith has worked as a chef in the culinary field for 13 years. According to Lynn Susholtz, “he has a knack for flavor combinations executed in a cheeky manner.”
Smith has worked as the pastry chef at The Wine Vault & Bistro; ranked #1 by the local Zagat survey. He is a supporter of the sustainable food movement and is passionate about local seasonal ingredients. He enjoys pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Lynn Susholtz, an artist who early in her career was a public installation artist.  Two local career highlights included the artistic direction of the Virginia Street Bridge, plus she was instrumental in the design and creation of the North Park Entry Portal at 28th & Upas Streets.  In recent years, she has led Art Produce Gallery, which she founded.

Art Produce Gallery has exhibited site specific and community engagement art installations by dozens of local and international emerging and established artists.  Known for innovative and experimental experienced based engagement work, the inaugural exhibit this year is by Lynn Susholtz, the director/owner of the space, and is an “audience sourced” interactive exhibit.  Art Produce is a dynamic workinprogress that is constantly evolving.  It reopened along with the debut of Swoon on Feb. 9.

Source: Lynn Susholtz,

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