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Friday, January 11, 2013


Factory image of Ducati 999's

VICARIOUS THRILLS—A very cool, but anonymous motor biker videoed his recent 45-mile, 45-minute roar down 6,142 ft. Mt. Palomar to the village of Borrego Springs (567 ft. above sealevel) in the Anza Borrego desert astride his new Ducati 999.  He shared the trek (December 16, 2012) on You Tube:

The superbike post is reflective of just another reason why it is wonderful to live in San Diego County.  What other part of the country can you find the ocean, mountains (snow) and desert in one afternoon’s drive?

Here’s what the videographer’s post says:

“…My buddy and I reached the summit of Palomar Mountain where it had snowed last night while we were on our bikes. He was on his Aprilia RSV Mille and I was on my Ducati 999. I wanted to show how much the weather changed and that's why I uploaded the whole thing, I promise to edit it shorter next time! The battery on the GoPro (camera) stopped at the end so it didn't quite get to Borrego, but a good demonstration of extremes of San Diego County weather and landscape in a matter of a short motorcycle ride…”  

For the race down the mountain go to: YouTube:

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