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Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Originally a Life Magazine image, this photo taken in May, 1962 shows Robert and John Kennedy with Marilyn Monroe when she sang Happy Birthday to the President.

DEVIL IS IN THE DETAILS—It is the opinion of this blog that the unsolved murder of John F. Kennedy will be discovered someday by someone discovering the smoking gun in a labyrinth of files existing in CIA or FBI or NSC archives.  The telling files on JFK’s murder will be found sometime, perhaps in a declassified much like the files the FBI recently released [December 2012] on actress Marilyn Monroe.  Another scenario would be damning evidence will be uncovered in a currently hidden last will of a deceased participant in the murder.
Until then, the public can only encourage the government to continue to release files that have been withheld from the public and pray that a conspirator guilty conscience will someday come to play in a last will and/or testament.

The freshly release government files on Marilyn Monroe are now on the Internet and were released in December of 2012.  For a link place the following in your search engine:

What is telling about the recently released files on Monroe is how dogmatic the FBI was in trying to uncover Communist plots in the USA.  Many, many files on Marilyn involve her when she was married to playwright Arthur Miller during the 1950s.

But in the middle of a long roster of mundane info is a haunting file on the alleged intimate relationship between Robert F. Kennedy and the actress in 1961-62.  The file appears out of context amid a litany of files on Monroe’s communist leanings and friends.  Was it buried in plain sight?

That controversial file is to be found on pages 66 to 69.  The notations on the file indicate the report simply titled Robert F. Kennedy came from a California informant.  That file was compiled in 1964 and declassified in 1984.  A memo before the file transcript reads “…enclosed in an item received from [omitted] former Special Agent, who is currently Field Representative, Appointment Section, Governor’s Office, State of California.  [Omitted] advised that he does not know the source and cannot evaluate the authenticity of this information.”

True or false, the file addresses the rumors of a Kennedy-Monroe relationship that had opportunities to be intimate.  Again, it can be read by linking to   See pages 66 to 69.

What is also fascinating is the routing slip on the file as to whose eyes saw the file.

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