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Sunday, February 22, 2015


WHY POE MATTERS—From an international point of view, Edgar Allan Poe (1809-1849) remains one of the most popular and influential American writers, according to a group dedicated to studying the 19th century writer.  Poe’s works are studied world wide and continue to be an inspiration for writers and poets of all cultures.
This week, the 250-member Edgar Allan Poe Studies Association (PSA) will hold its fourth annual international conference at the Roosevelt Hotel in Manhattan from Thursday, Feb. 26 thru Mar. 1.
The PSA conference, which is hosted by the English Department of the Pennsylvania State University, expects to draw Poe scholars from 24 countries, who will present more than 150 papers on topics ranging from Poe’s works to his international significance.
Keynote speaker is professor J. Gerald Kennedy from Louisiana State University whose talk is titled “Why Poe Matters Now.”
The PSA has noted that interest in Poe always increases during uncertain and troubled times.  If that be true, Poe indeed should be the world’s most popular writer ever.
PSA conferences have been held in Richmond (1999), Baltimore (2002) and Philadelphia (2009).

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