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Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Screen capture of first floor restaurant at the North Parker lofts project, 30th & Upas in San Diego’s historic North Park neighborhood.                                          BREADTRUCK FILMS
COOL MARKETING--Realtors will be quick to repeat the old adage location, location, location is the key to selling property.  Architects, who act as developers—like local Jonathan Segal—know they have to add marketing into the mix.  In San Diego, few are equal to Segal’s combined architectural, developer and marketing skills.

A recent marketing based film on Segal’s North Parker loft apartment project completed last year is an example of sophisticated marketing propaganda.

Propaganda has a dark side, but in the hands of a skilled marketer like Segal it can be uplifting.  Recently teamed with commercial image-makers Breadtruck Films, the Segal team made a seven-minute opus on The North Parker project at Upas and 30th Street in San Diego.

Yes, it is positive marketing for Segal but it is well done stuff.  North Park looks good in this short film.  It’s a soft sell that shows off the emergence of the neighborhood from near blight in the early 1990s to hot spot that everyone is talking about.

The film says “hey, I live in North Park and I’m proud of it.”

For that, thanks, Jonathan.

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